Quick Start Guide

Step 1

Click on the "Invite" button above

Step 2 (optional)

Give I.R.I.S. Utilities Administrator for quick access to all features

Step 3

Use the %help command to get started

Step 4 (optional)

Use %set_prefix to change % to something else

Common Commands


Gain access to the help menu for a list of the public commands


Gain access to a list of all public commands


Get a quick glance at some information on I.R.I.S. Utilities


Invite I.R.I.S. Utilities to a new server

%play | %p | %

Play music from youtube, .mp3 files from your computer, and more

%stop | %bye | %fuckoff | %%

Disconnects I.R.I.S. Utilities from the voice channel

%skip | %s

Skips the current item in the queue

%volume | %v

Change the volume of the music currently playing

%controls | %c

Open up the audio controls menu

%queue | %q

Controls the queue


Plays Text-To-Speech via IBM or Google Servers


Starts a game of Akinator directly through I.R.I.S. Utilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is I.R.I.S. Utilities?

I.R.I.S. Utilities is a multi-purpose discord bot that allows you to play music, have fun, manage roles, and do various other utility-related things.

What does "I.R.I.S." stand for?

I.R.I.S. is the Interactive Reconnaissance Information Service and she's here to help.

Why is I.R.I.S. Utilities a "she"?

I.R.I.S. originally did not have a gender until a growing number of users started calling I.R.I.S. by feminine pronouns.

How do I use I.R.I.S. Utilities?

You can see a list of possible commands by doing %help.

Is I.R.I.S. Utilities online right now?

Try @mentioning I.R.I.S. Utilities to see if she is online right now.

When I.R.I.S. is offline, there is usually a very good reason for it!

99.9% of outages will be for scheduled updates!

Who was I.R.I.S. Utilities created by?

I.R.I.S. Utilities was created by Tyler Resch (aka MidSpike) over at https://MidSpike.Com/