Quick Start Guide

Step 1

Click on the "Invite" button above

Step 2 (optional)

Give I.R.I.S. Utilities Administrator for quick access to all features

Step 3

Use the /help command to get started

Common Commands


Gain access to the help menu for a list of the commands


Get a quick glance at some information on I.R.I.S. Utilities


Invite I.R.I.S. Utilities to a new server


Play music from youtube, .mp3 files from your computer, and more


Disconnects I.R.I.S. Utilities from the voice channel


Skips the current item in the queue


Change the volume of the music currently playing


Controls the queue


Plays Text-To-Speech via IBM or Google Servers


Starts a game of Akinator directly through I.R.I.S. Utilities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is I.R.I.S. Utilities?

I.R.I.S. Utilities is a multi-purpose discord bot that allows you to play music, have fun, manage roles, and do various other utility-related things.

What does "I.R.I.S." stand for?

I.R.I.S. is the Interactive Reconnaissance Information Service and she's here to help.

Why is I.R.I.S. Utilities a "she"?

I.R.I.S. originally did not have a gender until a growing number of users started calling I.R.I.S. by feminine pronouns.

How do I use I.R.I.S. Utilities?

You can see a list of possible commands by doing /help.

Is I.R.I.S. Utilities online right now?

Try @mentioning I.R.I.S. Utilities to see if she is online right now.

When I.R.I.S. is offline, there is usually a very good reason for it!

99.9% of outages will be for scheduled updates!

Who was I.R.I.S. Utilities created by?

I.R.I.S. Utilities was created by Tyler Resch (aka MidSpike) over at https://MidSpike.Com/